Be more efficient with how your family uses energy, understand its effect on the environment and make a positve change with e*star home.

Understand your business' electricity costs, have a positive effect on the environment and make the right investments with e*star work.

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Smarter, cleaner and cheaper energy use

With e*star and the power of information. 

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Make positive changes to sustain our environment with a better understanding of how you use energy. With a simple installation you can monitor how each circuit of your home uses electricity in real time, anywhere and on any device.

1300 724 385

Some of our happy customers:


our e*star box beside your existing fuse box and start monitoring your energy use straight away.


Information about your energy use in real-time from any device. Start to make behaviour changes to reduce costs and make a positive impact on the environment.


To alerts created by you when usage reaches desired limits, or set up daily reminders to switch off devices. 


Update devices in response to an understanding of your energy use, and invest in renewable energy solutions to futher reduce both costs and emissions.

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The steps toward smarter energy use.

You don't have to wait to start getting informed about energy.

All you need inside one box.

  • Australian designed and manufactured.

  • Designed by internationally renowned ide group.

  • Simple istallation that runs in conjuction with your existing fuse box.

  • The capability to view site energy consumption at the level of individual circuits in real time.

The power to change is in your hands.

  • Real time display of energy consumption at a circuit level.

  • Access to all the important information anywhere and on any device.

  • Explanation of your energy costs in an interpretable way.

  • Simple to use interface that illustrates powerful findings.